Saturday, September 09, 2006

I've Invented a new mouse, now somebody build it.

I was having another bout of insomnia when thoughts turned to technology that might be but has yet to be created.
I was thinking about a notebook that suits my criteria and then thoughts turned to the mouse.
This is the design.... a cordless mouse in the shape of a pen. The nib of the pen is where the tracking device operates from. So instead of pushing a lump of plastic you hold and move the "Spouse"(working name only) to move the cursor on the screen. The left click is actioned by pressing the pen down. Right click is done by pressing the equivalent of a pocket clip on a normal pen. This can be designed as a multi-tool for those who want more functionality as in the mouse with lots of buttons. Notice how this Spouse is also ideal for use with notebook.

Now, the ideal notebook, is ultra-thin and ultra-light. It powers on when you open it. Connection to internet is via satellite and automatic when notebook is opened. Speakers for multi-media are panels that slide out from behind the screen and slide back in with menu option or when notebook is turned off.

This design is free. Now somebody build it for me.


Jos said...


Chosing 'spouse' for your imagined cordless mouse is hilarious lol

Oh.. and,I want one of your 'ideal notebook' too! :)

Anonymous said...

The "spouse" is known as "The Wacom Tablet Pen". will probably get you there.

lexcen said...

Thanks anonymous for the referral but
similar is not quite good enough. Yes the wacom does appear to be what I'm talking about but it needs to work with a tablet. My spouse would operate with any PC and replace the mouse, no tablet required.

Chris in Manitoba said...

YES! I need a "spouse"! One that works without a tablet.

Perhaps it will also stop me from using post-it notes, which I always manage to loose.

I'm amazed that no one manufactures something like this. Easy to make, one can be made using the same logic as an optical mouse only on a much smaller footprint using a very small laser diode/detector combo.

Lexcen said...

Chris, this is the real mystery that the technology is there but nobody has thought of the design.
Jos, thanks..:-)