Thursday, September 07, 2006

Germain Greer the Ugly Australian

I'm reeling from the audacity of a has -been who still thinks her opinions are worth voicing, Germain Greer, the ugly Australian, the loud, arrogant, opinionated and irrelevant has made another stab at controversy by putting down Steve Irwin, after his tragic death.
How pathetic that she still want's to be controversial, and how pathetic that she use this opportunity to get her name into the headlines.
Germain Greer wrote a book which, in essence told women that to be equal to men, they should stop shaving their legs and their armpits. What an intellectual giant! What a change she has made to society? No Germain, women still shave their legs, still shave their armpits and still wear make-up.
I think she's just jealous that Steve Irwin managed to become one of the most widely known and loved persons to represent Australia.
Germain remains old, bitter, pathetic and irrelevant. She leaves no legacy.


Jenafear said...

It always appalls me when people try to get attention through their negative comments in the wake of someone's death. The person isn't there to defend himself, what a low thing to do.

Lexcen said...

thanks for comment. Notice you've moved your blog. Will stay in touch as always.