Saturday, May 17, 2008

Culturism and Slavery

This court case concerning the nature of what is slavery, yes you read correctly is occurring right now in Australia.

It's hard to believe that a court would have trouble defining "SLAVERY" but there you have it, the law has been challenged.

I'm not concerned about the legal in and outs of this case. Leave that to the legal profession.
What triggers my interest is the significance of importing other cultures into our own. We often talk of multi-culturism in the positive sense. We are always trying to bend over backwards to accommodate the alien values of other cultures in an attempt to exhibit our open mindedness and tolerance as virtues of a civilized society.

What this case brings to our attention is this, a practice of bonded servitude which has gone on for centuries in other cultures without raising an eyebrow in those other culture is now imported into Australia.

What is significant is that it instead of there being a clear cut notion that this practice of bonded servitude (slavery) is contrary to the values we have become accustomed to in our country and now we face a challenge to those values in the High Court.

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Culturist John said...

The concern you point towards is exactly right. Multiculturalism says we have no core culture. It then means we have to consider legitimating other culture's values within our sphere. That would be fine if diversity did not exist. But slavery, polygamy, child brides, and honor killings are all norms in other cultures.

Multiculturalism sees diversity as very shallow. Other than food, festivals and fashions they take all cultures to be the same. Culturists take culture seriously enough to realize that our cultures are irreconcilably different. Seemingly obvious words such as "feminism" and "slavery" (let alone "Jihad") do not translate. We cannot consider sharia laws and and foreign cultural values without corrupting and endangering the West's unique cultural vision.

Thanks for referring people to my site! I think it important that Western nations replace multiculturalism with culturism. And, not entirely coincidentally, the post I just put up also concerns the irreconcilable nature of our values.

Thanks again!!! John

Timmy said...

Good point.
There's a seldom-talked-about struggle between those who want a homogeneous "mixed" world-wide culture, and those who want to preserve all of the individual cultures. The problem is that it seems like a lot of individuals want both at the same time.

Lexcen said...

Timmy, so glad to see you're still around!

Culturist John said...


The people who advocate a homogeneous "mixed" world-wide culture and those who seek to preserve cultures multiculturally all do it in the West.

Neither China nor Islamic nations nor Mexico seek diversity. To the contrary, they recognize it as a threat to social stability. As nearly all cultures historically, they discourage diversity in language, custom and often even race.

When people say "Oh the whole world is getting more diverse" you need to correct them. The world is not getting more diverse; the West is.

We often confuse Western values and world values. When we use this confusion to forstall all conversation concerning changing our population it is dangerous.