Sunday, August 24, 2008

In Search of the Truth

This news story caught my interest. It seems that what we accept as facts when we read the news of the world isn't quite what it seems. Dutch soldiers who served in the UN forces in Srebrenica want to give testimony in defense of Karadzic.

Radovan Karadzic is currently on trial for war crimes.

This is an interesting development because up till now, I haven't heard of anything that would go against the commonly held view that the Serbs are guilty of ethnic cleansing against the indigenous Muslim population.

Historically, it is significant to know that the WW1 was triggered by nationalist movement by the Serbs, who plotted and assassinated Franz Joseph, the Austro-Hungarian emperor at the time. This triggered the political instability that resulted in WW1. Behind the Serbs insurgency was the Muslim issue.

It seems that it's not only the present that sees upheaval in every country that has as significant Muslim population ie India, Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan but also the presence of Muslims was a source of upheaval in the past.

I suppose further reading of history would be beneficial for those who want to discover more regarding issues with Muslims in Europe.

This could be totally unrelated but today I found out that two blogs that have openly criticized Muslims have been suspended, Illustrated Pig to Islam and Winds of Jihad are no more.
Who is pulling the strings on net censorship??
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