Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pauline Hanson


It seems that for those who enter politics, there is no refuge from the risk of exposing themselves (sorry for the pun) to the gaze of the public. That is the price anybody contemplating entering politics must pay.
Today we see the most salacious chapter in the career of Australian politician Pauline Hanson.
I cannot begin to summarize the career of Pauline Hanson( wife,mother,fish and chip shop owner,politician, television personality) which obviously must now include the title "photographic model".

Some people aspire to fame and others have it thrust upon them.
Pauline Hanson is an anomaly in the world of politics because strictly speaking she isn't a professional politician. By this I mean she wears her heart on her sleeve. It's hard to imagine Pauline ever telling a porkie. That's just not her style.
She entered the world of politics because of her strong beliefs and a truckload of naivete. She didn't feel her voice (the voice of the people) was being heard in the public arena.
Another reason I would label her a amateur politician is that she wears her ignorance and naivety with pride. It isn't that she's thick skinned like a professional politician, but that she's devoid of any humility.
Pauline has weathered the slings and arrows of public ridicule better than any man and continued a path wreaked with havoc, including being prosecuted and jailed for alleged crimes against the electoral system. She has been exonerated, moved on to becoming a television personality, a contestant of Dancing with the Stars.
She entered politics on a platform that advocated reducing immigration. She embarrassed herself and rose to infamy when a television interviewer asked her (in her role as a politician) if she was "xenophobic" and she replied with "please explain".

My personal dislike of politicians is based on the fact that any professional politician to have a successful career in politics must make compromises. Politicians play with the truth as if it was all some amusing game. Politicians shift allegiances when it suites them. Politicians advocate policies they might or might not believe in depending on whether it favors their career or not. This lack of integrity is what I detest about politicians.

I know that honesty is a handicap these days and Pauline Hansen carries her honesty (burden) like a monkey on her back.

Those who disagree with her beliefs find it easy to ridicule her and accuse her of racism. Those who secretly harbor racist thoughts champion her cause.

The media objectifies her because she is a woman. As a woman/politician her clothes and looks become a primary source of fascination. For the male politician, there is no equivalent emphasis on what they wear. If she dare to wear any outfit that's considered too bold, she becomes a news story. If she wears an outfit that's too revealing she becomes a news story.

Ultimately, what makes Pauline Hansen interesting is that she refuses to be average.She is quirky, eccentric and she loves the attention of the media.

I'm always fascinated by those who stand out from the crowd, the unconventional, the eccentric, the quirky, in fact the Pauline Hanson's of this world.
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Anonymous said...

This was "supposed" to be the new "Era of Authenticity", after all.

But it just goes to show, people actually HATE authenticity. Just look at what they've done to Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that I would adore Pauline Hansen. People may detest her raw honesty, but she will have a lasting impact. Good for her for taking a stand and making a difference!