Sunday, May 17, 2009

Short but not

I've always pondered on the real reason for my lack of success in life.
Now I think I've found the answer.
I'm short.

Parents who are concerned have been treating their children with Human Growth Hormone. Obviously my parents didn't care enough for me to give me HGH.

But wait. There's still hope.
I've found a program that will help me increase my height.
For only $27 I can achieve what's always been lacking in my life.
It's 100% safe and no Human Growth Hormone is needed.

Stay tuned for results.
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Hammer said...

I've seen procedures where people have their legs broken, spacers inserted and they turn the screw a few of millimeter every couple of weeks.It's supposed to be really painful.

The upside to being short is fewer back and joing problems and less chance of heart attack and stroke...or so I've read.

Hammer said...

joing = joint

Anonymous said...

Best pack it in, Lexcen.

nanc said...

i love being tall! but i'd probably love being short - i just love being me!

Lexcen said...

I don't mind people looking up to me. It's just that I don't like people looking down on me.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind people looking down on me, in fact I prefer it.

Jen said...

See, it's unfair as women can put on a pair of heels and be instantly taller. They should make shoes like that for men.