Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan

When a mass murderer is put on trial, the first point of reference is what defense he will put up for his actions.
In the case of NMH, it is inconceivable that he would have any defense for his crimes other than his religious convictions, being a Muslim.
I wonder if there will be a cover-up, so that to avoid any political backlash or public outrage(read Muslim outrage) the Muslim Jihad defense will be suppressed.

In other instances, mass murderers might use the insanity plea, but for a qualified psychiatrist, this would be just too cynical. A psychiatrist is trained to observe and diagnose mental illness as well as treat mental illness. He would have been in a unique position to prevent himself from behaving as he did because of his knowledge and understanding of his mental condition.

In fact a defense of diminished responsibility would also seem beyond credible - yes he is a psychiatrist.

No matter how you look at his case, there is no doubt his religious convictions seem to be the prime cause for his actions.

I feel that his actions as a mass murderer would and should be classified as acts of terrorism.
Although there are no agreed definitions of "terrorism", it would be acceptable to say that acts of violence made in the name of ideological convictions (Islam) constitute terrorism.
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Mattexian said...

Certainly the MSM was ready and willing to paint the "DC sniper" as a terrorist (imagining one like Tim McVeigh; loner, ex-army, white, Christian), until it turned out that he was a black, Muslim convert, then they shut up about that theme. Seems like a lot of time if it doesn't fit their template, they don't report it, or they twist it around. For example, Sarah Palin: successful mom, businesswoman, started in local politics and worked up to state office, but because she's a Republican, they do everything they can short of calling her a gender-traitor (there were the innuendos that her Down Syndrome baby was actually her daughter's).

Anonymous said...

If he ever wakes up, I'm thinking he'll plead insanity based on the 'harassment' he received from his fellow soldiers.

...wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Lexcen said...

I doubt the insanity plea would carry any credibility.

Ducky's here said...

Sorry for being off topic but I don't want to use Farmer's blog for the discussion.

"I guess the time when photography was considered to "never lie" has long been put to rest."

Leave it to the far right to think Robert Capa was an insurance appraiser. Man, when was the last time the right had an idea.

Lexcen said...

This might surprise you Mr Ducky but I have no leaning either to the left or the right of political ideology. My opinions, depending on which subject might fall on either side. In fact, I've blogged about my inability to align myself with either the left or the right. For example, I always hated John Howard as PM but I was in agreement with some of his policies. I always hated Bob Hawke - the most popular of any of the Australian PM's even if though he rose from the Trade Union movement and headed the Labor Party. In fact I despise the way he went about and disbanded the power base of the Australian Trade Union movement. A traitor to his ideology which nobody seems courageous enough to admit. I think the world is too complicated to make issues a matter of left or right.

Culturist John said...

Hey Lexcen,

So glad to see your blog is still a rollin' I have been out of commission. I am also glad to see Ducky is hangin' and harrassin' here now. How's it Duckster?

By the way, I am now Dr. John Press, Ph.D. But you can still call me Johnny P or CJ or Culturist John.


Lexcen said...

Congrats Dr John Press,Ph.D. Mr Ducky still has a bee in his bonnet.