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Solution to the Middle East Conflict

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When it comes to politics, my eyes glaze over and my mind shifts into neutral gear.
I'm a cynic if you will. I don't believe anything politicians say so I don't bother to listen to what they say. What's the point? Promises are not kept. Positions held as rigid as jelly. Ethics is a foreign language. Pragmatism is an excuse to justify anything and everything that is immoral. Does anyone wonder why I don't bother to comment on politics?
And yet, there are times when the situation demands attention.

So, the great Satan of U.S.A is being asked by Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian president, to help by imposing a solution to the Middle East conflict. Notice the use of the word "impose" rather than assist?

Who is Mahmoud Abbas? The leader of Palestine is a member of Fatah. That's the offshoot of the PLO. Remember Yasser Arafat, the terrorist who spoke with forked tongue? PLO indeed.
Article 12 of the official Fatah constitution is the "complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence."

To the Middle Eastern mind, there is no doubt that the U.S.A is a pawn of Zionists, their dreaded enemy.

So we might ask ourselves WTF?

Indeed, there is a common thread to all this complexity of international politics.
The common thread is that which must not be spoken for fear of retaliation, none other than Islam. That creed which the western world thinks in ignorance as merely just another religion.
Islam is more than a religion, it is a political ideology cloaked in a religion. Spruced up and dressed in a suit, it presents itself to the world as a myriad of legitimate political parties such as Hamas, Fatah,PLO etc etc etc.

Remember "the roadmap to peace"?
Remember the assassination of Anwar Sadat?

In a history that is complex and confusing, remember that the Middle East conflict began before the establishment of the State of Israel.

Remember that it was only by the influence of the U.S.A that the state of Israel was allowed to exist. The British were more pragmatic and opposed the establishment of Israel because they knew it would upset the Arabs.
That is the reason the U.S. is perceived as the great Satan by Muslims.

 Forget about withdrawing from Iraq or any other bullshit excuse that might be put forward to justify terrorism.

So what can we really make of Mahmoud Abbas?
He's pulling out dick, that's what.
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beamish said...

The first stone on the path to sanity is demythologizing the existence of "Palestinians."

There is no such thing. Only Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese, Yemeni, and Egyptian ex-patriates, left behind and ceded to Israeli control after losing wars with Israel.

Serious criticism needs to be levelled at Israel as well. For years, Israel harbored the Arab terrorist Yasser Arafat in a compound protected by Merkava-4 tanks. They knew this terrorist was on their soil, yet never took him out.