Saturday, April 10, 2010


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Today I read of a Muslim woman who was strangled by her own scarf which got entangled in the wheel of a go-cart. I thought how stupid is that? Then I found that this wasn't the first time it happened and in fact another two women have had similar accidents. Now that is tragic. But what is really stupid is the way the media censor themselves and neglect to mention that the victim of this accident was a Muslim. Someone has decided (stupidly) that focusing on the religion might create an adverse reaction.
Or the case of the Swedish rail worker who was addicted to viewing porn at work that he infected the who railway system with viruses that eventually affected the rail system.
I have made bad choices in my life and certainly made bad decisions from which there is no turning back.
What riles me when I reflect on my life is my acts of stupidity. Stupendously stupid and embarrassing acts that are so shameful that I will never reveal them.
One simple act of stupidity can have devastating consequences if not be extremely hurtful to to others. Even a casual phrase spoken can hurt deeply.

I'm sure Tiger Woods has his fair share and so does the Pope,Bill Clinton.

Is stupidity a disease?

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Anonymous said...

Lack of reason?
I have that disease.
I can relate to this, Lex.

Jeannie said...

We are all capable of stupidity. Lack of judgment here and there. But the people who make it their lifestyle are pathetic. Most of those enmeshed in one drama after another are like that. And for some reason always seek to blame others for their own stupidity. Here in Canada, safety rules have been taken to the ridiculous level. It seems that no one is supposed to look out for their own safety. I'm pretty sure there were signs up at the go-carts nixing scarves and the like when I was a teen. Now there's likely a huge billboard of "don't do's".
The fact is also that doing stupid things is an excellent way to learn. As kids, we did some remarkably dumb stuff but escaped unscathed for the most part. We learned from each other how to succeed. It's later, as an adult, you see the enormous consequences of the epic failures we may have experienced but didn't. That says something too.

Ily said...

Most people who do stupid things are just careless and focused on the moment. It's when they suffer consequences from their stupidity that they begin to grow up.

PS - I read your comment on Jeannie's blog about sketching from photographs. Do you still have the article? I'd love to read it. Thanks!

Jeannie said...

Hey Lex - was the article you read about drawing portraits online? If so, could I have the link?

Lexcen said...

Ily and Jeannie,
You might also be interested in the Archibald Prize

beamish said...

I'm usually more dumbfounded than stupid.