Thursday, April 15, 2010

A visit from the Pope

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Not much happening in my blog sphere...
Oh, btw, did mention that the Pope made a visit to my blog?
Check out the list of my feedjit bar visitors.
Just click on the picture for a larger version where you can see the entry in yellow.


Jeannie said...

So you know there's some priest who has the job of trolling the internet looking for what anyone has to say about what's going on. The RC church has some serious PR work to do if they want to remain powerful. How long will the flock be able to keep up the dichotomy of believing that the priests, esp the pope, are God's envoys charged with getting them into heaven while at the same time they are perpetrating great evil.

Somebody at the top better have a vision soon that allows for huge changes to the church - to do away with traditions that aren't working or the church will find itself the one true church of nothing.

Anonymous said...

holy shit, Lex!


beamish said...

You know what this means?

It means your blog is going to win the Super Bowl.

Mattexian said...

LOL! That's pretty cool, I only get the odd visit from British police. Certainly the higher-ups in the Rome need to do something, I heard on the news that the Pope is calling for "the Church" to pray and do penance... sorry, Benny, but I think it's those wearing the white collars that need it, not the Laity.