Friday, August 20, 2010

National Costume?

I think it's time we as Australians acknowledged the fact that we don't have a national costume.
We are the youngest nation in the world and our traditions and history go back only 200 years.
At every international festival I cringe when I see attempts to dress Australians in an outfit that is supposed to represent this country. The attempts at a costume are always ludicrous and embarrassing if not humiliating to a country and it's people who should be proud.

WTF is this atrocity at the Miss Universe 2010 competition?

It's not a national costume. At the Australian Olympics there was a series of pathetic attempts to display national icons and the giant flip flop with Kylie Minogue riding it was the biggest atrocity perpetrated on the world since the holocaust.
Kangaroos riding bicycles was a close second...
I despair at our cultural vacuum which should not be a hindrance. Our national costume is what most people wear. If it is jeans and T shirt then so be it.


Mattexian said...

If it is jeans and T shirt then so be it.
Don't forget an Akubra hat! From the company's website: our unique hats form an important part of the Australian national uniform
Can't be much worse than the stereotypical "Texan" outfit of cowboy boots and hat, even if the woman is in a bikini!

Lexcen said...

Although I own and wear two Akubra hats, I wouldn't say they are a national costume unless you are a sheep farmer.