Thursday, September 09, 2010

Nasser Abdo

Muslim U.S. Serviceman Nasser Abdo Talks to Al-Jazeera TV from Fort Campbell about His Refusal to Deploy to Afghanistan

Nasser Abdo hasn't heard about all the killings in Pakistan or Iraq or Afghanistan where Sunni Muslims are killing Shia Muslims and Shia Muslims are killing Sunni Muslims.

For fuck's sake get real Abdo. What about all the Christians in the army who have to deal with the Bible that tells them killing is a sin?

Nasser Abdo is full of shit.


Mattexian said...

Not just the Commandment of "thou shalt not murder," but in the case of 1990's Kosovo, Christians were killing Christians for the benefit of Muslims!

Maybe the fool hasn't figured out which sect he's in (or he knows, but doesn't know how to ID another), so he doesn't want to accidentally cap a fellow sectist.

Lexcen said...

Doesn't anybody else but me see that there is a problem with people who put their religious beliefs above the authority of government and it's laws?