Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Islam is Islam

 King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia would like the rest of the world to get the impression that his country is a modern and progressive one.
How about giving women the vote?
Good idea!
That should show the world how modern and progressive the Islamic state really is...but...
Saudi Arabia also forbids women to drive. In fact one woman was awarded ten lashes for misbehaving this week.
The fact is that smoke and mirrors can't hide the fact that an Islamic state means Islamic law, that is Sharia law and Sharia  law supersedes all civil law, secular laws and democratic rights.
In other words even if women do get to vote in Saudi Arabia, they can't peal back the discriminatory aspects of Islam that specifically puts the value of women at less than that of men.
So even if Saudi women do get to vote, that doesn't mean they will be equal to Saudi men. No no no that's against Islamic principles clearly defined in the Koran.

Don't be fooled by pretensions of democracy. Islam is Islam.

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