Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Andrew Bolt and Racial Discrimination

I stumbled on a voluminous newspaper celebrating the achievements of indigenous Australians aka Koori people. (See link to get explanation of what constitutes "indigenous") http://gripes-of-wrath.blogspot.com/search/label/Indigenous
The main story celebrates the court victory against journalist Andrew Bolt. He has been found guilty of offending a group of indigenous people by expressing an opinion.

Andrew Bolt's offending opinion is essentially that these people, see photograph, claim an identity as aboriginal people purely for motives of self interest. In other words, if there were no benefits, privileges, concessions, financial grants, positions of authority etc etc, these people wouldn't bother to claim identity as aboriginals.
Historically, there has been a social stigma attached to having a background of aboriginal inheritance.
Shame has been replaced with pride. But not just pride. There is an associated sense of entitlement, a sense of compensation owing for crimes committed 200 years ago up till the early 20th century.

While Austalians of European heritage must feel a collective guilt for crimes committed against aborigines by their forefathers, those who have some trace of aboriginal blood, no matter how small that connection take the opposite stance of grievance and entitlement to compensation.

To my simple mind, it seems that the anti-discrimination laws have achieved what they intended to remedy.
Driving a distinct wedge into society that creates an US and THEM mentality. You must either feel shame and guilt or if you consider yourself indigenous, anger and a sense of entitlement. Now we can add a sense of hurt and outrage for anyone who expresses an opinion that is considered offensive by indigenous people.

Needless to say, in accordance with the Racial Discrimination Act, I have NO opinion on this matter.
I do have an opinion on the Racial Discrimination Act which is that stupid laws result in stupid outcomes, such as the trial against Andrew Bolt.



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