Thursday, March 29, 2012

Electric Cars

Let's say, one day you wake up and think, "YES, I'm going to save the planet!!"
Even worse, let's consider that you've decided to save the planet by making your personal contribution, your politically correct statement that says "I really care about the planet/climate change/global warming/ peak oil/ carbon emissions" etc etc.
And in that moment of evangelical enthusiasm you decide to buy an EV or what is commonly known as an electric car.
No matter what anybody tells you that is critical of your decision, you can always use the riposte, "well we have to do something" and a warm and fuzzy feeling will envelope your entire body.
It's important to ignore anyone that tells you that electricity comes from coal, unless you have a nuclear power station close by. Coal fuelled electricity generation is the major source of carbon pollution spewing into the atmosphere. Coal is also a non-renewable resource but don't let that worry you either.
Even if a large percentage of consumers also get onto the politically correct bandwagon and purchase EV's you shouldn't worry about the resulting strain on the electricity grid which is already overburdened with demands by air conditioning units.
And don't forget that even if your EV is made from aluminium to minimize weight and maximize engine efficiency, aluminium production uses massive amounts of electricity made from....coal(unless you live near a nuclear power plant such as Fukushima)
And of course all the plastic bits that go into the assembly of a EV are made from oil. Did you know that plastic is made from oil, that non -renewable energy source that keeps getting more expensive as the supply steadily declines?
Are you still feeling warm and fuzzy all over?

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Mattexian said...

Yup, if I had to get rid of my gas-guzzler, I'd use a bicycle for my commuting, but that doesn't have a big panel on the back end for plastering smug bumper stickers about how I'm doing more than my part to save the planet!