Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Most Popular Posts

In a rare moment of navel gazing I am able to bring to you, dear reader, my most popular post at;postID=4236538908242520750
titled Muslims,Refugees,Naked Breasts and Immigration with 4937 hits and still counting.

Next most popular is Climate Change and the Failure of Bureaucracy at 290 hits;postID=8560998885840328805

Followed by Cost Benefit Analysis of Nuclear Power with 226 hits;postID=8167360372629053038

The rest of my entire blog output barely raises an eyebrow of interest.
So now I know how to maximize my hit count and my profile...discuss Muslims and naked breasts in the same sentence. Posts about Muslims and Immigration were not nearly as popular. An old post about nipples (now deleted) would probably have ranked second in the popularity stakes, or maybe it was the Christian Nudist Convocation post (now deleted).

Stay tuned for new posts about Nuclear Power and breasts, Climate Change and naked breasts etc etc etc

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