Thursday, March 22, 2012

Serial Killer or Islamic Warrior?

When I first heard the news about the school massacre in France, the first thought was, it's a Muslim. I know it's wrong to make such baseless assumptions but I'm embarrassed to admit that's how I think these days. I know too much about Muslims, I read too much about them so there you have it.
I followed the news reports from the moment the incident was reported and believed the reports that claimed the killer was some type of racist. My first assumptions, based on the fact that 20% of the population of France is Muslim(mostly immigrants) was wrong.
The other fact in the news reports was that the killer had also targeted Muslims so he couldn't possibly be a Muslim. 

What is most surprising that his name is Mohamed, can you hear the alarm bells going off in my head?  Now the reports are that he claimed to be an Islamic warrior.

What is truly surprising is that knowing of the multi-culturism mentality that dominates France and the rest of Europe, that any mention would have been made about the killer's religious intentions and motivation.
I look forward to the arguments by apologists for multi-culturism who will tell us that not all Muslims are violent.*
I won't be surprised if no Muslim spokesman comes out and condemns the actions of this 'Islamic warrior".

If you think this is an aberration then you should read While Europe Slept

*And here we have the apologists. Read this article to learn about economic deprivation as the real cause of Islamic extremism.

*Now we are told he wasn't a terrorist at all but a lone gunman

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