Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting to Australia via backdoor

Unless you happen to be an "asylum seeker" in Indonesia, you probably aren't aware of the new opportunities available to you in getting asylum in your country of choice, that being Australia.
Here's how the new system works.
1. Establishing grounds for compassion from Australians by letting a few boats overloaded with refugees capsize and cause many refugees to drown. This exercise tugs at the heartstrings of Australians who waver all rational thought and become full of grief and guilt that we are personally responsible for these tragic drownings.
2. Now the Australian navy is deployed to rescue any "unsafe" vessel to prevent any further tragedy. All that is required is a distress call from the vessel and the Australian navy turns up, loads up all the refugees and takes them to Christmas Island.
3. Note that a vessel need not be anywhere near Australian waters to hail and beckon the Australian navy warship to come to the rescue. Preferably, this is now done as soon as the vessel leaves shore in Indonesia, whilst still in Indonesian waters. The Indonesians don't give a hoot so it's up to the goodness of  Australians to rescue them. This saves them from any unnecessary hazardous journey to Christmas Island.

I suggest that Mexicans develop a similar strategy, load up a boat full of refugees and set sail for Australia. It will only be necessary to capsize one or maybe two vessels before Australians feel compelled to send ships to the Bay of  Mexico to prevent any further tragedy for which Australians would feel personally responsible.
Alternatively, Mexicans might choose to fly to Indonesia, shred their passport and claim political asylum as Afghans.


Mattexian said...

Heh, I like your idea for the Mexicans, tho I have to let you know, there's a Bay of California, hiding behind Baja (or Lower) California, connecting with the Pacific, and then there's Gulf of Mexico, on the other side of country, bordering Texas and Florida (among other southern coastal states). I live about an hour's drive from the Gulf of Mexico.

Lexcen said...

I won't even begin to detail Australia's welfare system which is far more generous than that of U.S.
I suppose that's why Afghans, Iranians, Pakistanis, Iraqis find themselves in Indonesia bound for Australia.

Mattexian said...

Those must be the ones who can't afford fare to Mexico, and then pay a coyote to smuggle them across the border. Our Border Patrol has a whole category of OTM (Other Than Mexican) for some folks they pick up (usually from further south in the Americas, but also a lot of Asian and Arab). Hell, last month the police busted a house packed with folks in the next town, over 20 living in a 3-bedroom home, with about 6 that they reported being Chinese illegal immigrants. (All of them were Illegals, the rest were from Mexico.)