Wednesday, August 01, 2012

From Olympic Hero to Zero

You love sport.
You spend the best years of your life, your entire childhood in training.
You make the Olympics and win a few gold medals.
Ra ra ra , everybody loves you, you are today's hero, life doesn't get any better than this.
What next?
You have no employment skills and no future.
A few product endorsements in T.V. commercials means you make good money for a short time.
Everybody knows your face and rumors circulate about your private life...
As a celebrity you no longer have privacy, that is the price of fame.
You may, if you're savvy enough, enter a career in politics.
For the rest of yesterday's heroes, a career in television is the most obvious path to take.
How about a sports comeback? Tragic and disappointing in the end, you no longer cut the mustard.
Back to television 'cause everybody knows your face, knows your name and knows your past glory.
Yesterday's hero trying to find purpose in life.

Where are you dear Shakespeare to write a modern day tragedy?

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