Monday, September 10, 2012

How Many Bad Apples....?

Here is an interesting proposition.
How many bad apples does it take to spoil the barrel?
Consider the case of Muhammad Khalid Chishti 

Witnesses say they saw Muhammad Khalid Chishti plant torn pages of the Koran in a plastic bag of ash Rimsha was carrying, in an attempt, it is believed, to run Christians out of the area.

Chishti targeted a disabled, 14 year old girl in an attempt to foment hatred against Christians.

THE 14-year-old intellectually disabled Christian girl at the centre of Pakistan's latest blasphemy controversy is in hiding under government protection, after being released from prison.

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So let's assume that Islam is a religion of peace. Let's assume that the majority of Muslims have no hatred towards the west and are quite happy to live side by side with other religions and tolerate different values from their own.

Now ask yourselves, how many bad apples (and I mean Muslims with criminal intent) does it take to spoil the barrel (the whole Muslim community worldwide)?

The answer is not many...

I'm sick and tired of hearing apologists for Islam telling me that the violent, death loving, hate filled tearaway branch of Muslims who don't represent the real values of Islam are hijacking the faith. 

I want to hear and see Muslims condemning other Muslims for their so called "radical" behaviour. I want to read of Muslims rejecting Jihad, rejecting the morbid death loving cult that justifies itself as Jihad before I change my opinion of Islam. 

Any takers?

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Mattexian said...

Good info, I hadn't heard that the "torn pages" were planted in a bag of ashes. It jibes with other things I've warned my wife about, concerning the "religion of peace", that everything is written down in their book, and when someone (say, a moderate) isn't ardent enough, an agitator just needs to remind that person and everyone else in the community that it's in the Koran and must be followed, no matter what!