Friday, August 24, 2012

Right to Die?

The issue of whether citizens have the right to choose when to end their lives is an emotive issue.
It is so emotive that all arguments against this right are tangled up in assumptions, values and considerations that are entirely irrational.

Consider the issue of suffering. Would we allow an animal to suffer? No. And yet humans have no equal consideration.

Consider the sanctity of life. It is a religious concept that human life is sacred. And yet many governments around the world condone capital punishment.
Also, if governments really believed in the sanctity of human life, there wouldn't be any war...ever, let alone indiscriminate bombings of civilians in cities.

Tony Nicklinson in the U.K. tried to change the law on assisted suicide and failed.
And this raises the other matter of why we are so afraid of assisted suicide. In case a criminal motive might lurk behind the assisted suicide. And yet we have no problem with ending the suffering of animals.
And so the decision to err on the side of caution and deny people the right to assisted suicide is based on an irrational fear, a fear that somebody will take advantage of this opportunity for their own nefarious benefit.

What about the religious position that human life is sacred? Religion is an irrational belief system with no foundation in fact and yet religion has the power to shape laws that govern our lives whether we adhere to these religious values or not.
So our humanity only extends to the four legged species while humanity is denied the two legged species because we believe in an invisible god whose existence defies all rational and scientific knowledge.

As far as I know, euthanasia is legal only in the Netherlands.

Those who do seek help might like to read about Dr Philip Nitschke

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