Thursday, August 03, 2006

Aborigines in the news.

There's definitely something in the air. I have noticed an increasing number of articles in the daily newspapers about our "Indiginous People". There must be some new agenda amongst journalists.
There is a new movie about aborigines called "Ten Canoes".
Even when I turn to the business section of the paper there is a photo story concerning aborigines.
Stay tuned for more updates.


ButterSnatch said...

10 Canoes? You mean there are rivers in Oz? I thought that place was one GIGANTIC desert (except for the coast, mind you).

Intolerant said...

I don't imagine they even know what a canoe is...remember the film "The Gods must be crazy"? when someone threw an empty soda bottle out of a plane and it hit one of them on the head...they worshiped it as a gift from heaven...from God. They may even make our Bantu seem somewhat intelligent.

Lexcen said...

Abo culture is stone age. They have discovered fire but have no technology. They never discovered the wheel, for example. They are tribal,now referred to as clans. Each tribe has its own territory and language. They have tribal Law and a mythology referred to as "dreamtime". They did not have a concept of ownership, they were hunter/gatherers, land was what owned them, they never grasped the concept of owning land. If your read about "Land Rights for Aborigines" it is not about land ownership for individuals but about claiming land title to significant areas such as Uluru which they now "own". The country is littered with "sacred sights" no go areas which are declared at random as far as I can tell, causing disruption and inconvenience to civilized people. The aborigines that are most vocal about injustices to "Indiginous Community" are the mixed blood descendants that have had the benefit of education and western lifestyle. These are the people that call for an apology and restitution from the government for crimes committed against aborigines by British settlers 200 years ago.

ButterSnatch said...

We've got the same thing going on here, except we don't call them abo's. We call ours Yard-Apes. Sounds like ya'll are having the same problem there that we're having here. Small world.

Why is that people with dark skin are causing all the problems all over the world?

Nigers (US)... problem.
Aboriginy's... problem.
Mexicans... problem.
Middle-Easterners... problem.
Africans... problem.

All the white people of the world, besides the odd Eastern European bunch, are happily going about their own business trying to get a nut, and all the darkies on the planet want to go to war and fuck everything up.

What do you say we give ALL the darkies on the planet, Africa or Greenland? Sound like a plan?

Lexcen said...

You cannot single out dark skinned peoples of the world and condemn them because this is politically incorrect.
Any scientific research that attempts to find data to differentiate "white" from "colored" peoples is immediately condemned as racist. There is an ominous silence imposed on this subject by the politically correct police. The problem will persist and multiply over time. There are too many hangups dating back to the time of Adolph so the subject of race is taboo. This hinders any rational understanding of what the cause might be for the "backwardness" of colored peoples all over the world.
My personal opinion on the aboriginal race is that they are far behind the rest of the world on the evolutionary scale.