Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tagged by Jos

Jos nominated me as the next blogger to show what I carry with me when I go out.

1. Panama hat
2. briefcase
3. wallet
4. keys with cutter and screwdrivers
5. mobile phone
6. phone charger
7. pens
8. watch
9. hip flask with single malt whiskey
10. manicure set
11. hand cream
12. first aid kit
13. folding compact umbrella
14. lens cloth and solution
15. spare glasses
16. spare tie and bar

(click on picture to enlarge)

Now I tag Crashtest Comic


Jos said...

Lexcen, thanks a lot for your post!
You carry as much as I do, maybe a little bit more, when I go out of the house :)

Lexcen said...

Jos, it's inevitable we would have much in common, we are both Virgos.

Chris in Manitoba said...

"hip flask with single malt whiskey"

That's simply COOL! I've never run into anyone who actually uses a flask anymore.

From the look of your items your a very well groomed person? Are you in sales or a company rep?

Lexcen said...

Chris, if you must know, I'm a porn merchant, petty criminal, jack of all trades.

Chris in Manitoba said...

" merchant, petty criminal, jack of all trades."

hehehe, that sounds like fun!

Show us your other bag that's full of porn!

Lexcen said...

Chris, the Lexcen corporation doesn't give out free samples.