Sunday, May 13, 2007

This season at the Vatican

Vogue will be doing an exclusive cover story on this seasons styles for men at the top. I have managed to hack the story and present an exclusive preview to my loyal readers.

Papa seen wearing this lovely hat with the gold band trim during Easter this year. Tongues were wagging about the symbolic significance of the trim. Personally I like the bling bling on his finger. I would die to have one just like it.

The green and gold combination is definitely in this season and a nod and a wink to Australia because these are Australia's Olympic team colors. Rumor has it that Papa might make a surprise visit to downunder.

I really caught my breathe when I saw this gorgeous red hat thinking to myself, dahlings, what a perfect hat for the Melbourne Cup. Milliners around the world will be busy making copies of this one, I'm sure. Be wary of the cheap imitations from China. This one is definitely Gucci.

Bright summer colors are definitely going to be all the rage this season.

All eyes on the accessories with red and gold thread sash making a very formal statement about what is what and what is not when you're fronting a gaggle of bishops and passing down proclamations on abortion.

So it's lift up those cassocks and run to the nearest Papal retail outlet for your personal fitting.

That's all for now folks.


Jeannie said...

I have always adored the ecclesiastical garments myself.

This pope is scary looking - like one of the evil guys in Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or something like that. I'll bet he worships the devil.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Glitter and gold ...
As if he is saying: "Don't seek earthly gold and values ... give it to me."
I agree with Jeannie. Actually, if you listen carefully to what he is saying in the beginning of official prayers, He is saying: "In Nomine De Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi."
Who is he calling upon???
The word Satanas, he always says with a lower voice, WHY??? Is it so we shall not hear it?

southfield_2001 said...

What is it with women trying to best each other by wearing the ugliest hats imaginable at the Melbourne Cup, the Golden Slipper and other high stakes horse races anyway? I know they do it in England, too, not so sure about here in North America.
Only the horses, and maybe nesting birds, could find anything attractive about a woman wearing 10 pounds of foilage on her head.

Lexcen said...

Jeannie and Kirsten, my top pupils, go to head of the class.

Southfield, Australia has very few cultural traditions, don't take Melbourne Cup away from us.

David said...

I love your fashion sense!!!

Next time I run for pope I will know who to come to for PR!

Lexcen said...

Thanks David, glad you enjoyed it.

southfield_2001 said...

I wasn't insulting the Melbourne Cup, lex, I enjoy the Melbourne Cup and, in fact, the last two times I've been in Australia during its running, actually won a little money - my favourite being the time I came out quite nicely betting on Media Puzzle because I was still working in the media at the time.
It's just the hats I don't get. Other than that, I love Australian women and the way they tend to dress. They seem to take much more enjoyment out of showing their curves and finer parts than Canadian women though I suspect our climatic differences may play a part in that.

Lexcen said...

Southfield, no need to apologize. I suppose the hat parade is silly but still a lot of fun. You realize it's the only time women actually wear hats without feeling over dressed.