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Canadian Human Rights Commission abused by Muslims

Eleanor Roosevelt and United Nations Universal...Image via Wikipedia It seems strange that Muslims in Canada would use the Human Rights Commission to complain.
You need to know that when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was presented to Muslims in Muslim countries (I won't be specific deliberately) it was rejected because they wanted to add a clause that put Islam above Human Rights. That's right, Islam is more important than Human Rights. What the declaration of Human Rights.
There are 57 Muslim nations who are members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference[11]. On 30 June 2000, the OIC officially resolved to support the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam[12], an alternative document that says people have "freedom and right to a dignified life in accordance with the Islamic Shari’ah"[13].

You may be wondering what Muslims have against the UDHR. It is the Judeo-Christian values embedded in the UDHR. How awful is that?

Moving along, I now point you to the story in Canada where Muslims specifically use Human Rights to stifle any opinion they consider offensive (read critical) of Islam.
Does anybody see the paradox? Freedom of expression being stifled by the law that gives people freedom of expression.

This rather mild truth expressed by Steyn in an article in a newsweekly caught the attention of Faisal Joseph, legal counsel of the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC), who issued a press release that said "This article completely misrepresents Canadian Muslim’s values, their community and their religion". Joseph complained to the Canadian Human Rights Commission saying "We feel it is imperative to challenge (the) biased portrayal of Canadian multiculturalism and tolerance", and the CHRC opened an investigation, with the possibility of referral to the tribunal.

Canada’s human rights commissions have been used to silence, censor and bankrupt organizations and publishers critical of the Canadian establishment, particularly conservatives and Christian organizations and their publications, and of Islam. Muslims have learned to take advantage of the legal system in Canada and the United Kingdom that favors those offended over their critics, because they deem it to be ‘offensive’ to tell the truth about them, as Steyn knows only too well.

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