Sunday, January 27, 2008

Celebrity cult (Updated)

I am soooo yesterday. I've got no idea of the significance of the celebrity cult epidemic occurring at the moment. That is until now.

Apparently it isn't enough just to look at pix of celebrities or read magazines detailing their foibles anymore. The serious celebrity junkie will visit the celebrity of their choice official web site and attempt to clone themselves in the image of their idol. To me it seems like a religious devotion to celebrity. Check out the Official Olsen Twin web site to see what I mean.
You can wear the same clothes as your idol, do your hair in the same style as your idol, makeup, language, likes dislikes, behaviour, drink the same drinks, take the same drugs and if your idol commits suicide, it is essential that you follow in their footsteps.

Here's further proof. There has been an unprecedented demand for rehab caused by the "celebrity meltdown". Do what celebrities do is the mantra.


Jeannie said...

Gotta wonder why these people wouldn't put some effort into living their own life huh?

Anonymous said...

Celebrities are way too important to some people!