Sunday, April 06, 2008

Where do the children play?

In one of his poignant songs, Cat Stevens asked, "Where do the children play?".
It was a lament against modern western society.
How ironic that we now see Palestinian children being brainwashed to become martyrs.
Was that what Cat Stevens was thinking when he converted to Islam?

The language of Palestinians seems to be directly out of a George Orwell novel.
Dying as a martyr to free their country.
Dying as a martyr for revenge of deaths of their people.
Killing indiscriminately as a means of self - defense.

This is language so contorted and twisted that it defies reason or logic.

Children raised in the culture of death are as much victims of an ideology as are those who are killed by terrorists.
In the end, everybody is a victim of the death cult.

In Animal Farm, there is the expression, "all animals are equal but some are more equal than others". Similarly, you might say, all humans are equal but Muslims are more equal than non-muslims.

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Michael said...

I don't think that Cat Stevens, or anyone else for that matter, was thinking when he converted to Islam.

Islam, after all, does not put a premium on independent or rational thought.