Monday, September 29, 2008

Anti - Islam = Racism

I think it's now official. Anybody who has misgivings about Muslims in Australia is officially declared racist. Therefore, my worst fears have eventuated. Islam is now a race.
God help us all.

The survey indicated that people who are uncomfortable about Muslims being in Australia are the problem rather than the Muslims in Australia.

I think my friend Culturist John has a lot of work in front of him.
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Culturist John said...

Very interesting article. Yes, I have a lot of work cut our for me. Today I have a radio program on Hill Chronicles' blog radio. And I just got a camera and so will be back on with videos!

Interesting article. It is a prime example of why we need the word 'culturist.' Racism is irrational, but because cultural diversity is real, culturism is necessary. Islam, oh hear me preach choir, is a hostile culture.

Multiculturalists say all cultures are peaceful and provide "opportunities for cross cultural dialogue." Theocracy doesn't dialogue well.

Notice that they did not ask any muslims about "racism." Ironically, their level of hatred for the infidels, gays and whores in their midst is likely much higher. Not all cultures celebrate diversity. That is Western. Multiculturalism's self-deprecation and ignorance is really on display in this article. Thanks for posting it.