Sunday, October 05, 2008

This is too precious - I just cut and paste

Okay, let's say you're at a party innocently hugging or kissing someone and find your hands begin to wander or your groin start to press rhythmically against them: Don't Panic! This is the Lord's way of saying that this is exactly the right person for you to spend the rest of your life with. In practically no time at all you'll be settling down and having lots of children together in a celebration of goodness and obedience to each other and the Lord. Until that time however, what's important is that you not let them get away! Masturbating each other through your clothing or underwear is a good way to keep faith partners both chaste and interested during those critical few weeks before you get married.

For the guys: Although in most cases "Gently, gently" should be your watchwords, masturbating your faith partner through jeans or other heavy fabric is the exception. After a few exploratory forays with your fingers against the denim, cup your hand between her legs and squeeze firmly (but not too hard!) This will let her know that you're interested. After letting go, make a fist and firmly rub your wrist and forearm up and down between her legs, applying only as much pressure as she gives in return. If, on the other hand, she runs away screaming, we suggest you immediately do the same.

Masturbating your faith partner through her underwear is a far more delicate and pleasurable experience. Nothing says "I love you AND I respect you." more than diddling a young woman through her panties, so be gentle and take your time! Start at the top and move down slowly! Use the tips and pads of your fingers to press against the fabric as lightly as possible: the only resistance you should feel at first should that of her pubic hair beneath the fabric, and the same holds true when using your face. Remember,
you're only an inch or two away from her most private places: so tread lightly, for this is hallowed ground.

As you venture further south you should feel an increase in both temperature and humidity. This is perfectly natural as well as proof-positive that this is the one-and-only the Lord has intended for you. At a certain point you should be able to feel the cleft of her labia beneath her panties which means that her clitoris is down there somewhere as well - Like with  any other valuable piece of real estate the three most important words for the clitoris are "Location, Location, Location." 

Let piety and sensitivity be your guide. Resist the urge to finger or face-fuck your faith partner while you're still just getting acquainted. Penetration with foreign objects while technically abstinent should probably be saved for the second date.  Good girls respect that.

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