Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Culture Wars Part 2

 Note: the difference between the Burkah and a Niqab is that the eyes are not visible with a Burkah.
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Mattexian said...

Don't they know, the Ninjas already have that look!

Anonymous said...

"The proposed ban has prompted nothing like the controversy that such measures would ignite in Britain, the United States and some other European states. A majority of the political world, public opinion and the media sees full veils as a breach of women's equality and a rejection of France's egalitarian values. In similar manner, France's 2004 ban on girls wearing veils in state schools received near universal public support."

Is it just me, or does this not make sense? The author states that this ban would draw more controversey in the US and Britain, but then states that most of the world views the burkah as a hit to women's rights. the author implying that the US and Britain don't value women's rights, or that we place more importance on political correctness / multiculturalism (thereby negating the rights of the women?).


I guess this sentence clarifies a little bit...

"The intellectual world and the Left disapprove, however, over the way that the issue has become entangled with a campaign by Mr Sarkozy to have France define its national identity. This "national debate" has come down to a discussion about the integration of the Muslim population."

So, it's okay to ban the burkah for safety reasons, but if it's to promote Muslim integration then it's no good. Riiiiiiight.

Lexcen said...

Jen, no doubt people read a lot of symbolism in the veil. Whether it's about suppression of women or liberation of women, or human rights or whatever. The core symbolism that matters is what the wearer of the veil (whether it is a niqab,hijab or burkah) wants to express and convey to the outside world. And that symbolism is about a commitment to fundamentalist Islam.