Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mr Assange and Wikileaks

Have you smelt the air lately?
I'm sure I can smell conspiracy. Or it must be the fact that I've read one book too many on conspiracies, the latest being The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
Haven't read it yet? Shame on you...

So Mr Assange has finally being arrested but because nobody is sure what or if any crime has been committed other than outrage that he would reveal correspondence that governments would prefer remained confidential, a charge of rape has been lodged against him. 
If this isn't a conspiracy then it sure as hell smells like one, even to a simpleton like myself.
Wikileaks has been operating for a long time and I guess you can only go so far in embarrassing governments (hello Mr Rudd, let's bomb China into co-operation) before they say, enough is enough.
Gemma Lindfield, representing the Swedish prosecution service, told the court that although the notoriously secretive internet activist had surrendered to a London police station earlier in the day and had his passport confiscated, Mr Assange had not cooperated properly because he had refused to give DNA samples or fingerprints.
No doubt Mr Assange had also refused a body cavity search and this will be listed as a failure to co-operate.
Remember he is being wanted by numerous governments for leaking information to the public (I hesitate to describe them as secrets vital for national security) on his web site Wikileaks.
In the most details yet released about the allegations, Ms Lindfield said that in the cases of both women the allegations related to him refusing to wear a condom during sex. He was also accused of having sex with one of the women by exploiting the fact that she was asleep, and another count said that he had held a woman's arms and forced open her legs so he could have sex with her.
Reading the details of the rape allegations, I find myself sniffing the air again and inhaling definite aroma of  conspiracy.

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Lexcen said...

Interesting to read K.Rudd is now offering support to Assange