Thursday, December 09, 2010

Listening to Experts

December 9th 2010
Flood Crisis spreads to four states.

Catalyst September 18th 2003
Climatologists are desperately trying to explain the mystery of where southern Australia’s winter rainfall is going. They’ve known the rain is being pulled south by an unexplained force. Now they’ve devised a revolutionary new theory to explain why. It appears that the circulation of the entire Southern Hemisphere is changing to suck our rain away. The reason is the Antarctic Vortex - a natural tornado of 30km high, super-cold, super-fast winds spiralling around Antarctica. The vortex is not new; it’s one of the engines that drive climate in the Southern Hemisphere. But now it appears the vortex is shifting gear, and is spinning faster and faster, and getting tighter. As it does it’s pulling the climate bands further south dragging rain away from the continent out into the southern ocean. Most disturbing of all we might be responsible for shifting the speed of the vortex. Scientists at the US Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research believe the speeding up of the vortex is caused by the combined effect of global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer over Antarctica. If their theory is true it will have devastating consequences for our southern cities - the drought may not go away. It takes just a slight shift in rainfall patterns for our capital cities to start running out of water – and the reservoirs in Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne are all dangerously low right now.

"Global warming"?
"Depletion of ozone layer"?
"the drought may not go away"?

It's no secret that Australia has a variable climate of extremes, always has been since settlement by Europeans and probably has been since the beginning of time.
Only the experts fail to grasp this fact.


Anonymous said...

Well stated. They will find another scare tactic soon enough.

Patrick Carroll said...

Errr...The geniuses in government have also failed to build any new dams, perhaps they should start, just a thought.

Lexcen said...

Patrick, the original excuse was that with climate change, we wouldn't get any more rain to fill the dams.
Now the reason is that dams weren't built because of the Greens protesting against them.
I'm sure there are many more excuses to come.