Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Are Guns Protection?


An unfulfilled lifetime dream has been to tour U.S.A. I've been all around Europe and I've been to New Zealand. On those occasions I didn't feel threatened or unsafe.
But, if I ever get to America, will I, should I consider carrying a gun?

And here I come to a very interesting question. Do guns really protect people?

In the case of the two NY firemen, would it have been different if they were carrying guns?

So now I read there is a surge in gun sales in the U.S. in anticipation and fear that automatic weapons might be banned. Question in my mind is this. Other than being a great piece of machinery, do automatic weapons actually protect anybody? Do people go around carrying an AK47 in the U.S. as I've seen them in rogue African states?

In Waco Texas, the religious sect used weapons to defend themselves against the FBI and that turned out outcome was a complete disaster. So much for the second amendment to the constitution.

It all seems a bit pointless. The fear of losing the right to bear arms. The fear of not being able to defend yourself in the hypothetical situation where carrying a gun would offer any protection at all.

I imagine that when I finally arrive in the U.S. that I will be offered an assortment of weapons as I pass through customs as well as the greeting "enjoy your stay".

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