Sunday, July 30, 2006

M@cro$oft Launch new product.

M@cro$oft have announced that they will be launching new product in late October this year. The new product not yet named will perform the same functions of the wheel but bigger and better. The product so far known only by the code name $teal looks round, turns on a hub and goes around and around. Beta testing has shown that $teal is faster, lighter, stronger than wheel which at the moment dominates 80% of the consumer market. Pricing of $teal is not yet known although it is expected to be competitive with wheel. Insiders say that as like other M@cro$oft products, $teal is not expected to be compatible with wheel. Consumers will have to choose one or the other or carry both products simultaneously.


ButterSnatch said...

Freaking MS bullshit. I hate MS and everything it stands for. Unfortunately, I'm a slave to MS as is most of corporate America (and the ROW). If I could go back and make everything Apple, I would.

Lexcen said...

Apple is the future. I'm stuck with M@cro$ft as I feel it's my obligation to keep Bill Gates in a lifestyle he has become accustomed to.