Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sex Slave Needs Master

A teacher writing on a blackboard.Image via WikipediaEver imagined yourself as a domineering cruel master with his own sex slave?

Only schoolboys need apply. In fact, if you are a schoolboy at Roxburgh College, you are more than likely to live out your fantasy. Not one but two teachers from this school have been exposed as criminals who have committed that most rare of crimes, abuse of an underage boy by a female schoolteacher.
How much of this is true and how much schoolboy fantasy? Only the courts can tell.

Of course, in my schoolboy fantasies, the teacher was often the subject of my wildest dreams. No doubt many other boys hijacked by their hormones would have shared the same feelings.

I cannot say any more about this matter in case I'm hauled in front of a judge and accused of contempt of court.
I will leave it to the reader to contemplate.
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Jeannie said...

Can't say that I recall any of my teachers, male or female, being attractive enough that any kids had fantasies about them.

Anonymous said...

G_d made beer so that ugly broads could get laid, too. Didn't anyone ever tell these women that?

Culturist John said...

I just got back from a conference. I found out an author of one of my favorite books was there. In hunting him down all I could say was that his students had rated him as extremely handsome and they rued his being married. It was embarrassing to ask people with that information, but I did find him. And, yes, were I gay, he'd be worthy! All that and brains too!!