Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Romanians

Territories inhabited by Romanians before WWIImage via Wikipedia

There appears to be a new scourge of society and it's called the Romanians.
First I read about the gang of Romanian pickpockets.
Then I read about the ATM scam which is run by Romanians.
Now I read about the drug import business through the post and yes it's the Romanians again.

Now here is what I find interesting. The fact that the media can blatantly refer to "Romanians" but in other news stories that don't relate to Romanians, there is a very cautious approach and great reluctance to mention nationalities involved.

For example, it's not wise to refer to gangs of Somali's committing crimes.
It's not a good idea to refer to Vietnamese committing crimes.
God forbid we use the term Muslim and terrorist in the same sentence.

I suggest the Romanians get themselves good legal counsel and claim "racism".
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Hammer said...

If they are white it's ok to point them out as a class of problem criminals.

Everyone else..not so much.

Anonymous said...

They aren't the "Romanians"... they're the "Roma", a "protected group" by the far Left. Landless and largely "stateless" gypsy's who are a plague everywhere they go, as they are accountable to no government or group "other" than themselves.

Anonymous said...

"Romanians" is the current name the Left uses to disguise and intentionally blurrtheir true identity.

Like there are no "radical Islamic sects" there's just a huge body of innocent "Muslims".

It prevents you from isolating and dealing with the underlying problem. That's why Marxists refuse to allow themselves to ever be pinned down to a specific "name". They're parasitic "chamelions" that try and "blend in" with other groups to hide their activities and identities.

Lexcen said...

FJ, never thought of gypsies in Australia. Maybe we have confusion here. I'm sure it's Romanians from the former USSR and not those who descended from Indian wanderers.

Anonymous said...

They are called "the travellers" here in America. They're Roma, all right. They're in Rome, Paris, London, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

from your article on the pick pockets...

The journey from Romania to Britain has become one of the most lucrative moves for those leaving Eastern Europe.

Many of those making the 1,500-mile trip are Romany gypsies who have embarked on a life of crime in the UK.

Anonymous said...

I kinno remainhea...?

Lexcen said...

FJ, what?