Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The BNP have finally become a force to reckon with.
The BNP have so far been considered extremist in their views.

So what does the fact that the BNP has two seats in the European parliament?

There is no doubt that the policy of multi-culturalism and tolerance of Muslim immigration (issues that the BNP are strongly against) have finally found expression in the democratic system.

Historically, under John Tyndall's leadership, the BNP was overtly anti-Semitic; however, under the current leadership of Nick Griffin, the BNP has focused on criticism of Islam. The party has said that it does not consider the Jewish, Hindu or Sikh religions to have a significantly detrimental or threatening effect.[18] The party does however have members with Jewish ancestry. The BNP has been known to work with extremist Hindu and Sikh groups opposing Islam, and has actively tried to win Jewish votes.
I often wonder what it would take to cause a collective uprising against the tide of Muslim immigration to Europe.
It seems that the current situation indicates that maybe there is a shift in attitude against the trend, against what has become the norm.

On a previous post, the movie Fitna by Geert Wilders shows the extent of Muslim immigration in the Netherlands.
I don't know how a homogenous society like that of the Dutch can cope with such a large influx of Muslims.
I don't know how any European country is coping with a similar situation to Holland.

I'm not surprised that there is a reaction, maybe long overdue but nevertheless significant.
The notion of multi-culturalism eventually does cause disruption and upheaval within a society and we are witnessing the results of that policy.

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FJ said...

I hsate to admit that I know nothing about British/Euro politics...

Lexcen said...

FJ, so unlike you to be coy.

FJ said...

Coy? I'll admit to having read tons on the subject. But I have zero experience with the thing. I was only six when we left Spain and moved back to California. My last taste of Euro politics was Franco.

Lexcen said...

FJ, I didn't think you were that old.

FJ said...

Chronologically or emotionally? ;-)

FJ said...

Cuz chronologically I'm about three times older than I am emotionally.