Thursday, December 03, 2009

Facts about ETS or an inconvenient truth.

Peat Moss. It’s drying out in Indonesia, making that country the third largest producer of Greenhouse Gasses behind the U.S. and China.

In the heart of Borneo, CO2 rises from the ground like steam. A vast and often smoldering layer of coal-black peat, formed over thousands of years from decomposed trees, grass and scrub, contains gigantic quantities of carbon dioxide, which used to stay locked in the ground. It is now drying and disintegrating, as once-soggy swamps are shorn of trees and drained by canals, and when it burns, carbon dioxide gushes into the atmosphere.

Peat is the big elephant in the room,” said Agus Purnomo, head of Indonesia’s National Council on Climate Change. Dealing with it, he said, requires that the world answer a vexing question: How can protection of the environment be made as economically rewarding as its often lucrative destruction?

The fact that the world's third largest producer of CO2 is a section of natural environment makes a mockery of whole idea of reducing CO2 produced by industry.

Scientist Clive Spash is gagged because he dares to criticize ETS.

The report is critical of cap and trade schemes, like the one the federal government is seeking to introduce, as well as big compensation to polluters.

There is public debate and then there is Climate Change. He who dares to offer an opinion that is skeptical of the Emissions Trading Scheme aka Carbon Credits is instantaneously granted pariah status.

When an issue becomes so dominantly one sided, then it becomes religion. A blind faith that cannot tolerate any questioning as to its truth.
Climate Change is the new religion.
You can also listen to professor Ian Plimer giving a talk on CO2 emissions. He's another pariah for questioning the conventional wisdom. A very interesting podcast indeed.
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Jeannie said...

I just don't understand how so many got on this particular bandwagon and refuse to see the obvious. Climate change has always been a natural occurrence. I'm all for fighting pollution but why turn so much focus on bullshit?

beamish said...

Bovine flatulence is destroying the ozone layer.

Wake up and smell the bullshit!

Lexcen said...

My theory is that scientists always need to "sex up" their data so that they can get more money for further research. As more money becomes available, more scientists jump on the bandwagon. That's the reason for scientific consensus. Of course governments only understand bureaucracy and that gives birth to ETS.

beamish said...

Closing the hole in the ozone layer will melt Antartica