Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Australian Islamist Monitor

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Imagine my surprise when I checked who was visiting my blog (see feedjit) to find a visit from the Australian Islamist Monitor site. Imagine even further surprise to see that Gripes ranks at number 4 on the list of blogs ranting about Islam. I'm sure that I've set up myself as a target for Jihadists. If, in the event of my sudden demise, please spare a thought and a prayer for me, I did my best to warn YOU dear readers.

And if you thought that's impressive, consider this. The A.I.M is archived by the National Library of Australia. That means that my rantings will be preserved for future generations to come. Your humble scribe, Lex.

P.S. And here I was thinking Gripes only attracted sexual perverts looking for articles on nipples and such...
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Jeannie said...

ooooo - infamy is pretty easy to come by.

I come for the nipples.

Me said...

they hate you twice as much since you talk about nipples, Lex.

Unless you praise allah for the burkahs to cover all the nipples in the world, which we know you don't. far from it.

HOw many times can I say "nipples"?


beamish said...

I'm here for all the titilating details you keep us abreast of.

JP said...

Hey Lex...always good to hear from you. The muzzie dismissal is probably due to many simply giving up. It is out of control and with one in the US Presidency, the world is at their disposal now. Sad. Vaginous is still there and I even bought the domain to keep it alive...I just think I might change its direction. I'm not sure if you were a reader of my very first attempt at blogging, but that one is still quite active today too. I think you were part of the Fed Up blog where I unleashed my disdain for the negro race. There were only a few of us when it began. If not, let me link you to it. I may turn Vaginous over to a similar theme, perhaps more politically acceptable while maintaining my principles of Fed Up. Fed Up is more a humorous way to deal with a very serious subject. Again great to hear from you and please have a look at Fed Up...

Baconeater said...

Congrats on making the list.

Anonymous said...

good points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

- Norman