Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Climate Change?

The school carriculum is to teach children about climate change?
CLIMATE change documentary An Inconvenient Truth will be included in the national curriculum as part of a bid to educate students on environmental sustainability across all subjects.
I leave near two schools and I walk past them everyday. The rubbish strewn on the street by these kids is everywhere. I know it's done by school kids because it's usually wrappers from McDonalds, empty drink bottles and cans, lolly wrappers and empty cigarette packets. These same school kids often congregate at the front of my house on their way to school for a chat and a smoke. They leave behind the same rubbish I've just described.

So this is the generation that's going to save the planet from climate change? God help us all.


Damien said...


You may have a point here, unfortunately. A lot of young people are slobs.

Patrick Carroll said...

Don't worry mate, Gore will sort them all out!

Jeannie said...

Scary thought. "They" aren't talking about everyday pollution like they did in the 60's. Still, I find Canada is pretty tidy overall - not too much trash around - even, or maybe especially at the schools. Maybe they need to put it in the curriculum again - or put out a convenient trash can