Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Failed Strategy in Afghanistan

The other day I expressing my humble opinion to my wife about the subject of WTF are we doing in Afghanistan and Iraq? The opinion was triggered by the current affairs program Four Corners and followed last weekend in The Australian by an extensive coverage of political opinions by journalists and other so called experts. 
Having already make up my humble opinion, I expressed it to my wife like this, "the same failed strategy of Vietnam". Simple and concise as it is, it expresses what I think.

No point I thought in blogging about it because my opinion doesn't carry any weight, I am not an expert and do not have any degree in politics or military strategy. Fearing a case of being shot down in flames by the arrogance of those who know better for "my humble opinion" I kept my mouth shut.

Today I read that the exact same opinion is expressed by none other than Major Alan Stretton
Major-General Alan Stretton served on active service with infantry battalions in World War II, Korea, Malaya and in Vietnam, where he was the Australian Chief of Staff in 1969-70.

Read what Major Alan Stretton has to say in the link.
Now I don't think Major Stretton will gain any comfort in knowing that Lexcen shares his opinions but on the other hand Lexcen is chuffed that an expert like Major Stretton  agrees with Lexcen.


Jeannie said...

I'm sure you and he are not the only ones. The similarities to Vietnam have been evident for some time. It's hard to quit when there is and can't be a clear win or loss.

Lexcen said...

Long before the U.S. and allies ventured into Afghanistan, there was the Russian occupation that ended in failure. What did the U.S. think they knew that the Russians didn't know?

Patrick Carroll said...

Ever since WW2, the West hasn't seemed to have the will to win a war it engages in.

We all know that the only way to win in Afghanistan is to forget about winning the "hearts and minds" and just nuke the joint.

Because that's not going to happen, I say we pull the troops out now.