Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day

On this day, Australia Day 2013 it is sad to reflect on the status of free speech in this wonderful country.
Unlike the U.S.A. Australians do not have the right to free speech enshrined in our constitution even though the assumption is often made that we do have that right.

Our attorney general Nicola Roxon is determined to stifle whatever freedom of expression we have remaining by introducing new laws cloaked in hate speech legislation but really aimed at stifling free speech.
The target of the intended new law is to prosecute anyone who makes any offensive statement. In other words to be put on trial for offending somebody else.

Meanwhile, Google is being asked for the identity of a blogger who has offended somebody.
A South Australian court has given Google Australia 28 days to comply with an order that would force it to reveal the identity of anonymous authors who have been using its Blogger service to allegedly defame Shane Radbone.

Personally I never abuse my opportunity to express myself on Blogger by slandering, offending or personally attacking others.

But, I can't help thinking that I'm skating on thin ice...that the time might come when somebody takes offense at what I express as my personal opinion.
Sad days indeed and I want to celebrate Australia Day.
I will celebrate this country, the country of my birth and no matter how imperfect it may be, I still call Australia home.

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