Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Android or iPhone (Tweedle Dumb, Tweedle Dee)

Yesterday I picked up a new mobile phone. For the last two years I've been convinced that Android was much better than the Apple iPhone.
This is because I had an LG P500 using the Android 2.02 version (Froyo).

For my new phone I chose the Sony Xperia acro S which uses the latest android o/s 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

I spent four hours trying to do on the Xperia what took my 5 minutes on the LG and failed to achieve anything. I was thwarted by something called MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and I bet it has something to do with DRM (Digital Rights Management).

What I wanted to do and couldn't was transfer files from my PC to my Xperia via USB connection. Nothing could be simpler or more straightforward, I thought.

BTW, if you contact the manufacturer and mention this problem, their support staff have no idea. They will refer you to the "PC Suite" software that they provide.
The fact is that since I bought the LG, the PC suite never worked for me. In fact, it didn't work for the Samsung Galaxy S nor the Samsung Galaxy SII and certainly didn't work for the Sony Xperia acro S.

The fact that I couldn't get the PC suite to work was what led me to finding out the loophole in the early Android system. What I thought was a brilliant innovation and an alternative to the Apple iPhone closed system has in reality turned out to be an oversight, a loophole that Google has fixed in their Android software.

So I'd put an end to the iPhone versus Android debate because Android are doing their best to become an iPhone in everything but name.

If you don't care about transferring files direct from PC to mobile then this is a non-issue for you. To me it's an incredibly big disappointment.

So, I'm keeping my LG P500 and selling my one day old Sony Xperia acro S on eBay.

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