Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oscar Pistorius wants bail travel ban removed.

Oscar Pistorius is certainly full of himself. Murder charges won't slow him down one iota.

There are some out there with the opinion that his defense position "doesn't have a leg to stand on".

I think his legal costs, regardless of whether he is found guilty or innocent will cost an arm and a leg.

Maybe there are circumstances in his defense that will give him a leg up to prove his innocence.

Then again his sporting career might end up with Pistorius being on his last legs.

Pistorius has been actively participating in training and now wanting to travel in spite of the impending trial, he obviously feels the need to stretch his legs.

Meanwhile his legal counsel will be lifting a leg in his defense.

So, we can only wait and see if Pistorius will end up getting a leg over the legal system.

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