Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Gas Market Congestion(???)

I've heard of lots of bullshit in my time but this one takes the prize for the most convoluted load of crap to justify a price increase. $61 to be exact. That's 25% of the total bill.

As the letter tells me...the drought has affected the ability to produce hydro electricity. As a substitute, gas has been used to create electricity. Therefore I must pay more for gas. Go figure.

I guess everybody is used to the assorted extra charges that appear on bills these days. For example, the water bill which includes an amount for Public Parks and Gardens. That's right, I'm paying for the parks and gardens. Maybe I'll just wander down and claim a tree or two since I'm paying for them.

As for this letter, I'm suffering from gas indigestion.

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Hammer said...

We have the same problem except ours is a deterrent. If we don't have rain for a while they charge us more for water to discourage it's use even though it costs them nothing more to pump it.